Client Reviews


These are real reviews from current clients. We are very fortunate to work with such amazing people

Connie & Jay

Wow!! Wow!! Wow!! Connie and I just looked at the video for the first time and all the photos. We are so blown away. We are so happy and grateful that you, Tawny, and Brandon were there to capture the beauty of the ceremony, the beauty of the scenery and the depth off our emotions. We love the country songs you and Tawny perfect. The photos are wonderful!! Thank you so very much!!

Erin & Hans

Thanks again!! That was such an awesome experience. You're the best!

Margs & Henry J

Clive, they are really fabulous. I love that its the whole story line....I love them all.....and thank you Clive Im so glad you could go with them....I love the way it was documented

CM Margs Mom

Jenna & Jonathan

Sweeeeet! So so cool Clive thanks a MILLION you will always have our business. We appreciate all you've done! :)

Pal's Party

Thanks so much Clive, you did a wonderful job

Brett & Kelsey 

Hey Clive, thank you so much for everything you did for us and our wedding. Photography was just one of many things. It was a perfect day and we owe it to you!......

Inna & John

Hi Clive:  Thank you so much for your great job with our wedding ceremony!!! You and your assitant did an amazing job!!! She was really nice and helped me to feel comfortable and relaxed. She caught some interesting moments, including showing people's emotions. She is a very talented girl. And your photos are above any expectation! You are a master of color, light, and angle!!! Better than I could possibly think!

Charis & Clay

Thank you so much!We were so pleased with everything and you made it a lot of fun