Here are answers to common questions regarding Photography & Video Sessions

Everyone has a digital camera now, why hire a pro?


 There are specifics absolutely necessary to photographing people effectively. It takes a lot more than photographics itself.  A mood must be created, and a stage set.  There is the application of at least 10 professional techniques of photography applied with no delay during the action. Just pure fluidity. This is a learned art form. It’s unique to the individual photographers themselves. Most importantly, the real pro listens and helps his clients achieve magic. Additionally, make sure the person you're hiring is a full time photographer.

OK, so I hired a professional to shoot my event, now what?


The first step has been taken correctly by hiring a full time professional.  An event photographer is firstly a planner of movement for people at weddings, conferences, headshot sessions, etc. Prior to the session a really good photographer gets people excited, helps hang the dress, helps the guys with those never easy to put on cuff-links, makes grandma comfortable, and meets every person there with a handshake and a smile. Only then, can we even think about photography. See, in reality, a photographer works side by side with your family, wedding party, and friends for at least 4 hours.  So it’s really important that the personality is awesome from the person you hire as your photographer. Once that’s established, you can now ask them about cameras, lighting, wedding albums, and service. It’s your right as a client to demand the best!

What should I be asking photographers in meetings?


 A skilled photographer on events, works with two cameras, and two backups. As well as a selection of 5 professional lenses, and a variation of on and off camera lighting setups. This is done with the realization that cinematography is big in photos now, and there are specific techniques to achieving this. No it’s not strictly on camera flash units! 

Following the above, the skilled photographer brings a skilled fashion photojournalist who works from way off angles not right next to his buddy the lead photographer. This captures the romance of it all, the dreamlike effects where the lead camera is capturing the beautifully lit, clean, crisp, stunning images. In all, there needs to be a ten way differential between 2 camera people and 4 different camera to lens combinations. Don’t forget the lighting! Be sure to tell the photographer(s) you need celebrity status for that big money! 

I'm waiting months for my images, why is that?


Online proofs should take a few days with smaller sessions, and about 8 days for larger weddings or events. If this process takes longer, it is because you didn’t hire a full time professional shooter who photographs with great precision and care. In all honesty, 98% of the perfect image is captured at the instant the shutter and lighting source is fired. Period. You cannot take badly lit images and fix them effectively on Photoshop.  

Ok, I really love my online proofs, are they mine to keep now?

This studio always includes edited high resolution files into your photography package. 

It looks like rain out there on my event day? 


In the many years and thousands of events we have had three, yes three rain days in Phoenix, well one was in Payson a few months ago.  Here's where you really need... the person who can help with everything that’s changing without batting an eye. The ceremony needs to be moved inside…like yesterday...let’s go! Cameras down, help out. In the end, the ceremony goes beautifully and the photos are even better because everyone is livened up. There is improvisation that is needed by your photographer to get amazing images under much more lenient conditions. There are covered areas on the perimeter, gazebos that shield the rain, interiors that can be made to look beautiful by a skilled, intelligent photographer. That is all great. But here is the really important part...the photographer cannot be just the photographer. They must be the person that cares about you, your family, and your friends first! Most brides I meet with are very uncertain on how the events will unfold.....again venue coordinators do not run the action of all the activities. A good photographer does, coupled with a great DJ who will coordinate your reception. Hire these people carefully. You'll be glad you did!